Kegerator/Keezer Project

The freezer waits in the basement, the kegs and CO2 sit empty, and patience is waning. So whats the hold up on the kegerator construction? This little $80 beast:

Its a digital temperature controller that overrides the internal thermostat of the freezer and keeps the contents (kegs of beer) from reaching below freezing temperatures. Some people may ask why didn't you get a refrigerator instead of the freezer? To that I answer because the freezer offers more room and thus more versatility as to what goes in. With the added space of a chest freezer we can store two 5 gallon kegs, a CO2 tank with dual regulators and possibly another fermentation vessels so that we may venture into the wild world of lagers. I will certainly keep you all posted on the sometimes continual, sometimes stalled progress of this project. We will have a first tap ceremony for our friends.