A Fresh Start

Inspired by the work of our friends, the Schulz's, paired with a fresh start in a new zip code, we have decided to re-vamp our brewing operations. In the first year of brewing, we tried to do too much in too short of time. In previous posts, I've talked about our maximizing quantity at the expense of quality. This is something that we feel needs to change.

The work of the Schulz's has been really inspiring. They've been able to make great tasting beer while keeping their fridge stocked and friends satisfied. We can personally confirm that several of their brews are top quality and could rival larger handcraft breweries. Now that we moved closer to them and share the same timezone, we will hopefully join forces on future brews and advance on our techniques.

Speaking of moving, we have moved from our Grand Forks, ND location to a place in Charleston, WV. Because of this move, our inventory has been completely wiped out allowing us to have a clean slate. Now that we do have space in our kegerator, I've had the thought of trying our hand at a lager. An empty kegerator will allow us to ferment a carboy of lager at the temperatures necessary (around 40-50F). Currently, we are looking at brewing a black lager. The only question is: mini-mash, all-grain, or extract? To be continued....