Muckalee Oatmeal Stout Label

Well... it's finally finished, kind of. I'm sure no label we design will ever be fully done but this is as close to bottle worthy as we've come. We developed this label with the aid of GIMP and Inkscape which are two very fine and, at times, very challenging programs. We think the label does an adequate job of telling the inspiration behind the beer while maintaining a somewhat simplistic look. In honor of Earth Day, we are also announcing our Drink, Recycle, Repeat campaign that will emphasize the return of the glass bottles either to a recycling facility or to the the bottler to be utilized again. As part of this mini project, we have marked one of our bottles from our original batches and will maintain a count on how many times this bottle is reused. This bottle will represent how many times we are able to reuse all of our glass bottles that are returned to be used again. So far the "little bottle that could" has been used a total of three times. We will keep the count on the sidebar of the blog so everybody can track the bottle usage. We understand that this isn't exactly an earth-shattering experiment, but hopefully it will raise some awareness as to what we can do on the individual level to reduce the waste around us. If anyone is concerned, yes the bottles are fully cleaned and sanitized before each use.

So tell us what you think about the label, your likes, your dislikes and if you would in fact like to see it on a bottle of delicious beer in the future.


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  1. Hey bud!

    Love the new logo! You guys are getting great with the GIMP! Are you going to buy the northlandbrewery domain? You may want to put something on the bottle about how to pour a homebrew.