And we're back...

Since its been so long since the last post, we won't even try to catch you up on the progress we've made. Here are just a few snippets of things from the past few weeks:
- We've tried several beers from around the globe.
- We recently visited Summit Brewery in St. Paul and Northern Brewer (the homebrew equipment store)
- We have caps with our logos on them! (Pics to be posted soon)
- We've been brewing sporadically and are getting geared up for the fall season with brews like:
- Apfelwein
- Smoked Porter
- Noble Nobody's Amber Ale
- Oktoberfest Ale
- We will also start to replicate some of our past successful brews (Anth na Roigh Irish Red, Muckalee Oatmeal Stout, and Noble Nobody's Amber Ale)
- We expect to be acquiring a chest freezer that we will modify into a two tap kegerator.
- We will be attending the Happy Harry's Beer Fest Saturday, August 29th.


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  1. The latest Brew Your Own mag had some awesome recipes for cider. They also had a Build You Own Cider Press section. Check it out if you get a chance.