The logo is complete... at least until we decide to tweak it somehow. So, while tinkering around on the internet and fighting through the hoards of "free" images that would've ended up costing us upwards of $200, we found the images we wanted and threw them together. We've been waiting on the development of a brewery logo to finally round out the Muckalee Oatmeal Stout label. If you're reading this then you probably have already seen the logo as the new banner across the top. Feedback is welcomed and blatantly encouraged. We spent a lot of time deciding what design we wanted as a final piece and today we finally got some real results. We really like the simplistic look we've created while touching on the theme of the natural world.

Also, while mucking about in inkscape and gimp, we found very fun and interesting ways to manipulate pictures for our own personal use. There are a bunch of great tutorials on youtube that explain step-by-step how to create pop art and other intriguing effects. I watched the Che yourself tutorial that involves taking a normal portrait and manipulating it into the iconic style of the famous portrait of Che Guevara. See below for the Guevara version versus the Nemo Revolution version that may someday grace the label of one of our bottles.

Whether this tutorial was intended to mock the image of a rebel leader or not, we really like what this image manipulation has done to the portrait of our faithful companion.

Viva la Nemo Revolución!


  1. Hah, that's awesome, Tim... I may have to look to see if there are action-scripts for Photoshop to do this. I'm sure Nemo would love to see a picture of himself on a bottle of Irish Red! Kind of reminds me of the story of "Mighty Arrow." ;)

    Like the logo, but I may have an idea or two for ya. I'll play around with it later today.

  2. Love the new logo guys! It reminds me of the tree of life.