ihomebrewbeer social network and label update

Since the last post we've been working feverishly (in our free time) on labels for the two named beers and will soon present the Muckalee Oatmeal Stout label. We're pretty excited about it as it is probably one of the more creative things I've done with a computer (which doesn't really say much). I've been using inkscape and gimp, if you're interested. They're much more difficult than powerpoint or paint.

In other news, I've created an account on the ihomebrewbeer social network. This is a pretty resourceful network set up specifically for homebrewers and zymurgists alike to come together and discuss brewing topics, showcase their latest brews and advertise regional beer and brewing events. We originally heard of this through a post by ihomebrewbeer on twitter (another social networking site). While the site still appears to be in its infancy, I believe it won't be long until the site will be the next big thing among brewers looking for another outlet for ideas and to bounce new ideas off of fellow brewers. Check it out if you have a chance, even if you're not a brewer you may find some interesting information on beer in general. Oh, and I have set up a page on the network as taxford, if you join be sure to friend me.


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