Quite an odd title for a beer blog, right? Well, we were shopping at Amazing Grains food co-op that we belong to the other day and found this awesome product from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Stoneground & Stout is a delicious mustard made from stoneground mustard seeds, and Sierra Nevada's Stout (among other ingredients). To be quite honest, the mustard tastes like mustard and nothing like stout, but I believe the stout does mellow some of the more harsh tones produced by the mustard seeds. I'd have to say that this has quickly become on of our favorite mustard products on the market. Along with the Stoneground & Stout, Sierra Nevada also produces a Porter & Spicy Brown, and Pale Ale & Honey.

This isn't an unofficial ad to promote the mustard making ability of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. This has given us an idea to possibly start producing our own beer infused concoctions. We've always been interested in developing our own mustard and with shopping at the aforementioned co-op, we could buy mustard making products in bulk. A reason for wanting to produce mustard on the side is to be able to have a product that we could legally sell with our label on it to spread the Northland Brewery name.



  1. Have you made any Tofurkey Beer Brats with that red of yours yet?! Mmmmm....

  2. Had some Tofurkey Beer Brats last Friday with some I.R.A. on the side. Amazing flavor, especially with this mustard!